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They call me Skinny Mulligan

And that's just fine with me.

Because my name IS Mulligan

And I'm skinny as a tree.

Not an Oak or a Redwood tall

A grand Chestnut tree or such.

More a Willow, branch or sprig

So really not so much.

It's not so bad you will agree

My parents made excuses.

My first name, as it's given me

They COULD call me Doofus Rufus.

Skinny Mulligan

I had a friend, growing up, with the last name of Mulligan. And he WAS skinny, as were we all.

I'm not sure why I chose to write a poem using his name. But I doubt he'd mind.

Besides, as an adult, he's not the sort of man that would EVER read a kid's poem.

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