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I half too take a speling test
Tomorow morn at skool
I’m going two study extra hard
Sew I don’t look the fool

But... first I promist I wood play
Sum X-Box with a frend
My parints allways taut that I
Keep a promise too the end

I’ll get too speling soon, butt yet
There’s sumething I mussed sea
It’s realy quite importent... ummm
My best shew is on T.V.

The day iz dark, the nite has kome
A speshial talent mine
At leased as far as speling goez
I’m shure that I’ll bee fine



was harder to write than I thought. The poem came quickly as they usually do... but having to


the words took a bit of thought. Especially since the poem still had to be readable.

Obviously I did not do an audible. It would spoil the fun.

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