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A lot of people asked

About last week's thing with the squirrel.

So I wrote something up

Though the truth your toes might curl.

I hate to admit

The Silly thing with the squirrel.

The thing that made me scream

Yes, I screamed like a little girl.

It started on Tuesday

My lunch I forgot.

So I stopped at the store

Where, unfortunately, I bought

A bag full of nuts

Which I put in my pocket.

A squirrel started to chase me

I took off like a rocket.

First one squirrel, then two

Then three, so many more.

People stopped to stare

I screamed. They slammed their doors.

My doom was ordained

My fate all but sealed.

One hope did I have

My courage, or lack of, revealed.

My mom shook her head

When she saw me come home.

No pants, no bag of peanuts

Looking for my dignity behind the garden gnome.


SQUIRRELS is a continuation, or explanation, of the poem GECKO.


I got so many people asking me, "What happened last week with the squirrel?" that I had to make something up to explain.

This was very fun to write and it makes me laugh every time I picture the kid running down the street with squirrels chasing him!

And then taking off his pants just to get rid of the peanuts and get away from the squirrels.

Anyway... I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.

The Accidental Poet

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