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Squash, well, it squishes
AND it’s stringy and gross
As far as vegetables go
It’s more repulsive than most

The texture itself
Though I’m not one to whine
Makes me shiver and shudder
All up my body, my spine

Mushroom and broccoli
Celery and beets
These all smell much better
Than old smelly feet

Eggplant, tomatoes
There’s so many more
That don’t beg the question
What did God make THAT for?

It’s sort of a toss-up
‘Tween beans and a squash
If I HAD to pick one
I think I’d rather eat moss

Squishy Squash

I know that most of you, like me, have heard tell of those few individuals that actually LIKE squash.

But for those, again like me, that have good taste, I think this Silly Kids Poem speaks for all of us.

And I'm pretty sure your kids will agree with me.

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