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Christmas is coming
Sugar Plum Faeries dance in my head
While I stay nice and snuggled
All comfy and warm in my bed

I’ve been wracking my brain
I’ve been thinking for months
I can’t waste my wish-list
And end up looking like a dunce

There’s computers, there’s Legos
A scooter, maybe a car!
I know I’m not old enough
But, hey, it’s Santa, wish for a star

A new puppy, no, a tiger
Perhaps a monkey in a cage
Why not shoot for the moon
I’ve heard llamas are all the rage

At last the fateful day comes
Yes! There’s snow on the ground
I launch out of bed at 3AM
Probably best to NOT make a sound

There’s piles of presents
My cat got a kitty treat
The new bike that my brother got
Will certainly be a hard one to beat

My sister got a pony
Standing right there by the tree
Chomp, chomp, chomping on the branches
Just as plain as plain can be

My hopes were high
Expectations were way up
My gift could be, well, ANYTHING
Perhaps possibly a Basset Hound pup

My eyes wide as saucers
I tear open MY box
As sincere as I can be, I say
“Thanks, Mom and Dad. I LOVE my new socks.”

Willy's Wish List

I thought it was time to do a Holiday Poem.


Not that this ever happened to me, but I had no idea we were poor when my parents were young and I do remember socks in my stocking.

Merry Christmas!

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